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Zombies Ate My Poodle

ZAMP is for anyone 9-12ish who loves adventure stories. With zombies.

About ZAMP

The night after a zombie virus was accidentally released in town, 12-year old Zak wakes up to find his poodle’s brains are eaten and his parents kidnapped (zombienapped?) for eating later on. With the town in chaos, Zak decides to use the family juggling props to fight the zombies and track down and rescue his parents. (Seriously, he has a plan.)

Along the way Zak and his poodle Jeffrey (who’s now a zombie dog) rescues Amie (and her zombie cat Pookie, who falls in love with Jeffrey) and the two of them plan the rescue together — only to discover they are too late! Not only have Zak’s parents been turned into zombies, but they seem to be the King and Queen of the zombies and are putting a zombie army together to get Zak.

Because they miss him.

And are hungry.

One chance left — with Amie’s help Zak must get his hands on the rumored zombie cure!

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